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b Environmental Directory contains over 200 MCS support groups and related environmental groups. $5

b Non-Toxic Buying Guide lists products ranging form less-toxic construction materials to personal hygiene products. Over 200 suppliers. $7.50

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Medical Introductory Booklets

These booklets contain articles, patient advisories, and medical studies. They are designed to provide a basic understanding of these complex conditions for doctors, family or friends.

b Electrical Sensitivity - EMF's: An Introduction to the Medical Literature. $17.00 Order No. 0120-CIIN-xx-064

b Immunotoxicity - An Introduction to the Medical Literature $17.50 Order No. 0070-CIIN-xx-065

b Multiple Chemical Sensitivity - An Introduction to the Medical Literature. $17.50 Order No. 0112-CIIN-xx-066

b Neurotoxicity - An Introduction to the Medical Literature $17.50 Order No. 0062-CIIN-xx-062

b Porphyria Information & Testing. $18.75 Order No. 0077-CIIN-xx-071

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MCS & the Government

b Social Security, Transmittal No. 12 (SSA Pub No. 68-0424500), February 1988. Program Operation Manual Part 4. This paper is a replica of Social Security's position on environmental illness. $1.25 Order No. 0147-SSAO-88-001

b Department of Housing & Urban Development Memorandum for all Regional Counsels by George L. Weidengeller, Deputy General Counsel, regarding "Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder and Environmental Illness as Handicaps." $6.00 Order No. 0152-HUDW-92-020

b What Are You So Sensitive About? Accommodating Environmental Illness/Multiple Chemi-cal Sensitivity by Deborah Dubin. This paper discusses how the disability laws apply to MCS. $9.25 Order No. 0158-DUBI-95-033

b National Council on Disability: ADA Watch - Year One: a Report to the President and the Congress on Progress in Implementing the Americans with Disabilities Act, April 5, 1993. $2.75 Order No. 0158-NCOD-93-007

b The President's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities, Operation People First: Toward a National Disability Policy - 1993 Teleconference Project. $2.25 Order No. 0158-PCEP-93-005

b US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the US Department of Justice: Ameri-cans with Disabilities Act Handbook. $3.00 Order No. 0158-USEE-91-008

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MCS General

b Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: A 1999 Consensus by L. Bartha, et al. $1.75 Order No. 0112-BART-99-003

b Possible Time-dependent Sensitization to Xenobiotics: Self-reported Illness from Chemical Odors, Foods, and Opiate Drugs in an Older Adult Population by Drs. Iris Bell and Diane Amend. $4.25 Order No. 0112-BELL-93-013

b Neural sensitization model for multiple chemical sensitivity: overview of theory and empirical evidence by Drs. I.R. Bell, et al. $3.50 Order No. 0112-BELL-99-010

b Comparison of Patients With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities by Drs. Debra Buchwald and Deborah Garrity. $2.25 Order No. 0112-BUCH-94-005

b The Prevalence, Symptomology, and Etiology of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities in a Population Sample from the Southeastern United States by Drs. Stanley M. Caress, et al. $8.50 Order No. 0112-CARE-01-030.

b Self-Reported Treatment Efficacy in 917 Persons with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity by Dr. P.R. Gbison, et al. $7.00 Order No. 0112-GIBS-01-024

b A review of multiple chemical sensitivity by Dr. R.A. Graveling, et al. $4.25 Order No. 0112-GRAV-99-013

b Diagnostic Markers of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity by Dr. Gunnar Heuser. Details 7 areas of damage used as indicators for MCS. A corrected chapter from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: An Addendum to NCR's Biologic Markers in Immunotoxicology. $7.25 Order No. 0112-HEUS-92-025

b Multiple Chemical Sensitivity by Bette Hileman. An excellent overview article published in Chemical & Engineering News. $5.50 Order No. 0112-HILE-91-018

b Systemic Toxic Reactions to Soft Plastic Food Containers by Drs. Eloise Kailin and Clifton Brooks. This double-blind study shows that when scientific standards are followed, chemical intolerance can be proven and it was the first study to propose a metabolic mechanism. $3.00 Order No. 0112-KAIL-63-008

b Sensitivity to chemical - MCS by Dr. K. Kilburn. $5.75 Order No. 0112-KILB-01-019

b Prevalence of People Reporting Sensitivities to Chemicals in a Population-based Survey by Dr. R. Kreutzer, et al. $4.50 Order No. 0112-KREU-99-012

b White Paper: Chemical Sensitivity: History and Phenomenology by Dr. Claudia Miller. $7.00 Order No. 0112-MILL-94-024

b Chemical Sensitivity Attributed to Pesticide Exposure Versus Remodeling by Drs. Claudia Miller and Howard Mitzel. This study characterizes the symptom patterns between two sets of MCS sufferers. $3.75 Order No. 0112-MILL-95-011

b A controlled comparison of symptoms and chemical intolerances reported by Gulf War veterans, implant recipients and persons with multiple chemical sensitivity by Drs. C.S. Miller and T.J. Prihoda $4.00 Order No. 0112-MILL-99-012

b The Environmental Exposure and Sensitivity Inventory (EESI): a standardized approach for measuring chemical intolerances for research and clinical applications by Drs. C.S. Miller and T.J. Prihoda. $5.00 Order No. 0112-MILL-99-016

b NMDA aensitization and stimulation by peroxynitrite, nitric oxide, and organic solvents as the mechanism of chemical sensitivity in multiple chemical sensitivity by Dr. Martin L. Pall. $3.75 Order No. 0112-PALL-02-011.

b Repeated Low-Level Formaldehyde Exposure Produces Cross-Sensitization to Cocaine: Possible Relevance to Chemical Sensitivity in Humans by Drs. B.A. Sorg, et al. $3.50 Order No. 0112-SORG-98-010

b Chemical Sensitivity: A Global Problem by C. Wilson. This report was prepared at the request of the US Interagency Taskforce on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. $2.25 Order No. 0112-WILS-95-005

b Medical Evaluation and Treatment of Patients with Chemical Injury and Sensitivity by Dr. Grace Ziem. $11.50 Order No. 0112-ZIEM-01-042

b Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Treatment and Follow-up Avoidance and Control of Chemical Exposures by Dr. Grace Ziem. $4.50 Order No. 0112-ZIEM-92-014

b Chemical Evaluation and Exposure Controls for Chemical Sensitivity by Dr. Grace Ziem. $5.50 Order No. 0112-ZIEM-92-018

b Profile of Patients with Chemical Injury and Sensitivity by Drs. G. Ziem and J. McTam-ney. $6.00 Order No. 0112-ZIEM-97-020

b Profile of Patients with Chemical Injury and Sensitivity, Part II by Dr. G.E. Ziem $3.75 Order No. 0112-ZIEM-99-011

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Rebuttals to MCS as Psychological

b Psychological Components of Environmental Illness: Factor Analysis of Changes During Treatment by John Bertschler. $3.50 Order No. 0112-BERT-85-010

b Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Research on Psychiatric/Psychosocial Issues by Dr. Linda Davidoff. $2.50 Order No. 0112-DAVI-91-006

b Models for MCS Syndrome: Using Empirical Data (Especially Interview Data) to Focus Investigation by Dr. Linda Davidoff. $5.75 Order No. 0112-DAVI-92-019

b Psychogenic Origins of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Syndrome: A Critical Review of the Research Literature by Drs. A.L. Davidoff & L. Fogarty. $3.50 Order No. 0112-DAVI-94-010

b Psychiatric Inferences from Data on Psychologic/Psychiatric Symptoms in Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Syndrome by A.L. Davidoff, et al. $3.75 Order No. 0112-DAVI-00-011

b EEG sensitization during chemical exposure in women with and without chemical sensitivity of unknown etiology by M. Fernandez, et al. $3.00 Order No. 0112-FERN-94-008

b Exposing the Truth: Refuting Evidence of Malingering by Dr. Paul Lees-Haley. This report shows how attorneys can bring the use of the MMPI into question. $2.00 Order No. 0133-LEES-93-004

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b Delay in P300 Latency in Patients with Organic Solvent Exposure by Dr. Lisa Morrow, et al. Illustrates a relationship between P300 latency and the length of chemical exposure. $2.50 Order No. 0024-MORR-92-006

b Cacosmia and Neurobehavorial Dysfunction Associated With Occupational Exposure to Mixtures of Organic Solvents by C.M. Ryan, et al. This study found a relationship between an altered sense of smell and neurobehavorial problems. $2.00 Order No. 0024-RYAN-88-004

b Environmentally Related Disorders of the Nervous System by Dr. Edward Baker, et al. $6.25 Order No. 0062-BAKE-90-021

b Prognosis in Chronic Toxic Encephalopathy: A Two-year Follow-up study in 26 House Painters with Occupational Encephalopathy by P. Bruhn, et al. This study shows that chemically induced brain damage doesn't significantly improve with time. $4.50 Order No. 0062-BRUH-81-014

b Three-Dimensional Brain Metabolic Imaging in Patients with Toxic Encephalopathy by Dr. Thomas Callender, et al. $7.25 Order No. 0062-CALL-93-025

b Evidence that the Human Nervous System is Most Sensitive to Environmental Toxins by Kaye Kilburn. $4.00 Order No. 0062-KILB-91-012

b Surveillance to Prevent Neurotoxicity in Humans, Chapter 5 of the National Research Council's Environmental Neurotoxicity. $6.75 Order No. 0062-NRCL-92-023

b Current State of Neurotoxicology, Basic and Applied by Dr. Ellen Silbergeld. $2.00 Order No. 0062-SILB-82-004

b An Olfactory-Limbic Model for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome: Possible Relationships to Kindling and Affective Spectrum Disorders by Dr. Iris Bell, et al. $7.25 Order No. 0112-BELL-92-025

b Neurasthenic Fatigue, Chemical Sensitivity and GABAa Receptor Toxins by F.M. Corrigan, et al. $2.50 Order No. 0112-CORR-94-006

b Chemical Toxicity: A Neurometric Study of Changes in the Auditory and Visual Evoked Potentials in Response to Olfaction by Dr. Donald Dudley. Documents significant increases in P300 latency in MCS patients when exposed to chemicals. $7.00 Order No. 0112-DUDL-94-024

b Neurospect Findings in Patients Exposed to Neurotoxic Chemicals by Dr. Gunnar Heuser, et al. $4.00 Order No. 0112-HEUS-94-012

b Cerebral Disturbance from Small Amounts of DDT: A Controlled Study by Drs. Eloise Kailin and Alicia Hastings. $2.50 Order No. 0112-KAIL-66-006

b Electromyographic Evidence of DDT-induced Myasthenia by Drs. Eloise Kailin and Alicia Hastings. $3.25 Order No. 0112-KAIL-66-009

b Possible Models for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Conceptual Issues and Role of the Limbic System by Dr. Claudia Miller. $6.50 Order No. 0112-MILL-92-022

b EEG Responses to Low-Level Chemicals in Normals and Cacosmics by Dr. Gary Schwartz, et al. Compares EEG results between healthy and MCS patients. $4.25 Order No. 0112-SCHW-94-013

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Neurogenic Inflammation

b Neurogenic model of migraine by M.G. Buzzi, et al. $2.00 Order No. 0068-BUZZ-95-004

b Neurogenic Inflammation and Sensitivity to Environmental Chemicals by Dr. William Meggs. This study look at the role of neurogenic inflammation in such illnesses as asthma, rhinitis, etc. $2.25 Order No. 0112-MEGG-93-005a

b Neurogenic Switching: A Hypothesis for a Mechanism for Shifting the Site of Inflammation in Allergy and Chemical Sensitivity by Dr. William J. Meggs. $1.75 Order No. 0112-MEGG-95-003

b Update on Neurogenic Inflammation and Sensitivity to Environmental Chemicals by Dr. William J. Meggs. $10.25 Order No. 0112-MEGG-01-037

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Time-Dependent Sensitization

b Time-Dependent Sensitization in Animals: A Possible Model for Multiple Chemical Sensitization in Humans by Dr. Seymour Antelman. $3.00 Order No. 0112-ANTE-94-008

b White Paper: Neuropsychiatric Aspects of Sensitivity to Low-Level Chemicals: A Neural Sensitization Model by Dr. Iris Bell. $10.00 Order No. 0112-BELL-94-036

b Gender-specific induction of enhanced sensitivity to odors by Pamela Dalton, et al. $1.50 Order No. 0098-DALT-02-002

b Neuroanatomy and Neurochemical Mechanisms of Time-Dependent Sensitization by Dr. Barbara Sorg, et al. $5.50 Order No. 0112-SORG-94-018

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b Accumulation and Turnover of Metabolites of Toluene and Xylene in Nasal Mucosa and Ol-factory Bulb in the Mouse by Hanas Ghanteas, et al. $2.50 Order No. 0098-GHAN-90-006

b Olfactory Primary Neurons as a Route of Entry for Toxic Agents into the CNS by Lloyd Hast-ings and James Evans. $3.00 Order No. 0098-HAST-91-008

b Olfaction (Chemosensory) Event-Related Potentials by Drs. Kerd Kobal and Thomas Hummel. $3.50 Order No. 0098-KOBA-94-010

b Letter: Uptake of Aluminum into Central Nervous System along the Nasal-Olfactory Pathways by Daniel Perl and Paul Good. $1.25 Order No. 0098-PERL-87-001

b Olfaction and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity by Dr. Richard Doty. $3.50 Order No. 0112-DOTY-94-010

b Rhinolaryngoscopic Examination of Patients with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome by Dr. William Meggs. $2.25 Order No. 0112-MEGG-93-005

b A Triune Brain Model for MCS Syndrome by Dr. Stephen Schacker. A patient advisory on how chemicals come into direct contact with the brain and may be initiating MCS. $2.50 Order No. 0112-SCHA-93-006

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Respiratory Disorders

b RADS and RUDS - The Toxic Induction of Asthma and Rhinitis by Dr. William Meggs. $4.75 Order No. 0060-MEGG-94-015

b Nasal Pathology and Untrastructure in Patients with Chronic Airway Inflammation (RADS and RUDS) Following an Irritant Exposure by Drs. W. J. Meggs, et al. $4.50 Or-der No. 0060-MEGG-96-014

b Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: a Respiratory Disorder? by Dr. Rebecca Bascom. A look at the direct and indirect evidence that MCS is related to altered function of the respiratory mucosa. $3.00 Order No. 0112-BASC-92-008

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b Biological Monitoring for Immune Damage Due to Xenobiotics by Drs. Alan Broughton and Jack Thrasher. $1.75 Order No. 0070-BROU-89-003

b Immune Alternations Associated with Exposure to Toxic Chemicals by Dr. A. Vojdani, et al. $5.00 Order No. 0070-VOJD-92-016

b Autoimmunity Induced by Chemicals by Dr. Pierluigi Bigazzi. $9.00 Order No. 0071-BIGA-88-032

b Immunotoxicology: Suppressive and Stimulatory Effects of Drugs and Environmental Chemicals in the Immune System by Dr. E. Gleichmann, et al. $5.25 Order No. 0071-GLEI-89-017

b Clinical and Immunological Responses in Subjects Sensitive to Solvents by Drs. C. H. Little, et al. $3.25 Order No. 0112-LITT-99-009

b Autoimmune Diseases, Chapter 4 of the National Research Council's Biologic Markers in Immunotoxicity, deals with the potential chemical causes of autoimmune diseases. $6.25 Order No. 0071-NRCB-92-021

b Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and the Immune System by Dr. William Meggs. An overview of MCS as it relates to the immune system, inflammation and tissue damage. $4.00 Order No. 0112-MEGG-92-012

b Use of Biologic Markers in Controversial Areas of Environmental Health, Chapter 9 of the National Research Council's Biologic Markers in Immunotoxicity states, "The hypotheses that this syndrome (MCS) is solely psychological in origin is not consistent with existing data." $6.75 Order No. 0112-NRCB-92-023

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b Porphyrin Biosynthesis as a Tool in Pest Management: An Overview by S.O. Duke and C.A. Roebeiz. This overview states that photodynamic porphyrinogenic compounds "are toxic to all living things." $5.75 Order No. 0011-DUKE-94-019

b Environmental and Drug Factors in Hepatic Porphyria by David R. Bicker. $4.25 Order No. 0077-BICK-82-013

b The Porphyrias by J.R. Bloomer and H.L. Bonkovsky. $14.00 Order No. 0077-BLOO-89-052

b Toxic Porphyria by Arif Cetingil and Mujlis Ozen. $3.50 Order No. 0077-CETI-60-010

b Porphyrinogenic Substances. A referenced list of chemicals, metals, and medications that can cause porphyria and/or induce an attack. $1.75 Order No. 0077-CIIN-94-003

b Toxic Heptic Porphyrias by F. DeMatties. This article looks at the dermatological problems of chemically-induced porphyrias. $4.75 Order No. 0077-DEMA-68-015

b Porphyrinurias and Occupational Disease by M.O. Doss. $5.00 Order No. 0077-DOSS-87-016

b Acute Intermittent Porphyria - An Under Diagnosed Cause of Abdominal Pain. $1.50 Order No. 0077-HIFT-89-002

b Mechanisms of Chemical-Induced Porphyrinopathies by A. Kappas. $2.75 Order No. 0077-KAPP-87-007

b Exposure to Toxic Agents: The Heme Biosynthetic Pathway and Hemoproteins As Indicators by Gerald S. Mark. This study explains where toxins attack along the biosynthetic pathway and proposes that porphyrin abnormalities be used to document toxic exposures. $8.25 Or-der No. 0077-MARK-85-029

b Chemical-Induced Porphyrinopathy and Its Relation to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) by Dr. William E. Morton $4.50 Order No. 0112-MORT-99-014

b The Porphyrias by Dr. Mark G. Perlroth. Describes the different types of porphyrias and some of the chemicals such as paints that can trigger symptoms. $4.75 Order No. 0077-PERL-94-015

b The Neuropathy of Acute Intermittent Porphyria by A. Ridley. $7.75 Order No. 0077-RIDL-69-027

b Neurological Complications in Intermittent Acute Porphyria by H.C. Saxena, et al. $2.00 Or-der No. 0077-SAXE-88-004

b Porphyrinogenic Substances. A referenced list of 3,700 chemicals, metals, and medications that can cause porphyria and/or induce an attack. $23.00 Order No. 0077-WILS-96-088

b A Short History of Porphyrins and the Porphyrias by T.R. Tephly, et al.. This study states that chemically-induced porphyria was discovered in 1889. $4.00 Order No. 0077-WITH-80-012

b Redefinition of Abnormal Susceptibility to Environmental Chemicals by Dr. William E. Morton. This study looks at the porphyrin abnormalities in MCS. $5.50 Order No. 0112-MORT-95-018

b Fatigue Syndrome Revisited: The Possible Role of Porphyrins by D.C. Downey $2.50 Order No. 0115-DOWN-93-006

b Porphyria: A New Perspective by D.C. Downey. This study suggests that the kinds of porphyria found in CFS, MCS, and FM may actually be more common than the more widely-known hereditary porphyrias. $2.25 Order No. 0115-DOWN-96-005

b Toxic Porphyrinuria and Chronic Hepatic Porphyria After Vinyl Chloride Exposure in Humans by M. Doss, et al. $2.50 Order No. 0319-DOSS-79-006

b Effects of Altered Porphyrin Synthesis on Brain Neurochemistry by E.L. Silbergeld $3.00 Order No. 0437-SILB-82-008

b Role of Altered Heme Synthesis on Chemical Injury to the Nervous System by E.K. Silber-geld. $4.00 Order No. 0437-SILB-87-012

b Role of Cytochrome P-450 in Porphyria Caused by Halogenated Aromatic Compounds by H.L. Bonkovsky, et al. $5.25 Order No. 0744-BONK-88-017

b The Occurrence of Chronic Hepatic Porphyria in Man Caused by Halogenated Hydrocarbons by J.J. Strik. $2.75 Order No. 0744-STRI-79-007

b Changes in Haem Synthesis Associated with Occupational Exposure to Organic and Inorganic Sulphides by R. Tenhunen, et al. $2.25 Order No. 0747-TENH-83-005

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Exposure Levels

b Development of a Database for Sensory Irritants and Its Use in Establishing Occupational Exposure Limits by Michelle Schaper. $15.25 Order No. 0098-SCHA-93-057

b Corporate Influence on Threshold Limit Values by Barry Castleman and Dr. G. Ziem. $8.25 Order No. 0157-CAST-88-029

b Editorial: Toxic Pollutants, Science, and Corporate Influence by Barry Castleman. $1.50 Order No. 0157-CAST-89-002

b Corporate Influence on Exposure Standards for Toxic Substances by Barry Castleman and Dr. Grace Ziem. $3.25 Order No. 0157-CAST-91-009

b A Comparison of PELS and TLVs of Health Based Exposure Limits Derived from IRIS Data Base by Dr. Kathleen Cunningham. $35.25 Order No. 0157-CUNN-88-139

b But They Are Not Thresholds: A Critical Analysis of the Documentation of Threshold Limit Values by Drs. S.A. Roach and S.M. Rappaport $7.75 Order No. 0157-ROAC-90-027

b Threshold Limit Values: Historical Perspective and Current Practice by Dr. Grace Ziem and Barry Castleman. $3.25 Order No. 0157-ZIEM-89-009

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b Herbicides and Fungicides: A Perspective on Potential Human Exposure by Drs. Coralie Clement & Theo Colburn. $4.40 Order No. 0002-CLEM-92-018

b Pesticides and Regulation: The Myth of Safety, California Senate Office of Research prepared by B. Jennings. $12.25 Order No. 0002-JENN-91-045

b Evaluating Health Risks from Occupational Exposure to Pesticides and Regulatory Response by Dr. Tracey Woodruff, et al. $3.25 Order No. 0002-WOOD-94-009

b The Need for Integrated Pest Management in Urban Pest Control by Dr. David Monroe. A concise explanation of the health effects of toxic pesticide control. $4.75 Order No. 0013-MONR-94-015

b Acquired Intolerance to Solvents Following Acute Pesticide/Solvent Intoxication in a Building by Drs. James Cone & Thomas Sult $3.75. Order No. 0112-CONE-91-011

b Developing a pesticide policy for individuals with multiple chemical sensitivity: considerations for institutions by Dr. A.E. Brown. $2.50 Order No. 0112-BROW-99-006

b Exposures of Children to Organophosphate Pesticides and Their Potential Adverse Health Effects by Drs. E. Eskeanazi, et al. $3.75 Order No. 0123-ESKE-99-011

b An Anthropological Approach to the Evaluation of Preschool Children Exposed to Pesticides in Mexico by Drs. E.A. Guillette. $2.75 Order No. 0123-GUIL-98-007

b Integrated Pest Management for Facilities by Arthur Slater, BCE. $2.25 Order No. 0205-SLAT-94-005

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P450 Enzyme System

b The Remarkable P450's: A Historical Overview of These Versatile Hemeprotein Catalysts by Ronald Estabrook. $1.75 Order No. 0075-ESTA-96-003

b P450s: Structural Similarities and Functional Differences by S. Graham-Lorence & J.A. Pe-terson. $3.25 Order No. 0075-GRAH-96-009

b Influence of Nutrients and Other Dietary Materials on Cytochrome P-450 Enzymes by F. Peter Guengerich. $3.00 Order No. 0075-GUEN-95-008

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

b Porphyria: A New Perspective by Dr. D.C. Downey. $2.25 Order No. 0115-DOWN-96-005

b A Preliminary Investigation of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by Hugh Dunstan. $2.00 Order No. 0115-DUNS-95-004

b Evaluating Cases Involving Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) from the Social Security Administration $2.00 Order No. 0115-SSAO-99-005

b The Relationship Between Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Chemical Exposure by Drs. A Vojdani and C.W. Lapp $4.75 Order No. 0115-VOJD-99-015

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Silicone Implants

b Immune Functional Abnormalities in Patients with Clinical Abnormalities and Silicone Breast Implants by Dr. Andrew Campbell, et al. $6.75 Order No. 0114-CAMP-92-023

b Chemical Profile for Breast Implants by CIIN. $6.25 Order No. 0114-CIIN-93-021

b Adjuvant Breast Disease: An Evaluation of 100 Symptomatic Women with Breast Implants or Silicone Fluid Injections by Britta Ostermeyer, et al. $3.25 Order No. 0114-OSTE-94-009

b Human Adjuvant Disease: Presentation as a Multiple Sclerosis-like Syndrome by Drs. Britta Ostermeyer and Bernard Patten. $3.50 Order No. 0114-OSTE-96-010

b Silicone Used In Long-term Implantable Medical Devices and Resultant Disease by Dr. T. Talcott. $4.50 Order No. 0114-TALC-95-014

b Antibody to Silicone and Native Macromolecules in Women with Silicone Breast Implants by Dr. Aristo Vojdani, et al. $7.75 Order No. 0114-VOJD-94-027

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Gulf War Syndrome

b Neurotoxicity Resulting from Co-exposure to Pyridostigmine Bromide, Deet, and Permethrin: Implications of Gulf War Chemical Exposures by M.A. Abou-Donia, et al. $6.50 Order No. 0118-ABOU-96-022

b Pyridostigmine brain penetration under stress enhances neuronal excitability and induces early immediate transcriptional response by A. Friedman, et al. $2.00 Order No. 0118-FRIE-96-004

b Evaluation of Neurologic Function in Gulf War Veterans: A Blinded Case-Control Study by Dr. R.A. Haley, et al. $3.00 Order No. 0118-HALE-97-008

b Association of Low PON1 Type Q (TypeA) Arylesterase Activity with Neurologic Symptom Complexes in Gulf War Veterans by Drs. R.W. Haley, et al. $2.75 Order No. 0118-HALE-99-007

b Brain Abnormalities in Gulf War Syndrome: Evaluation with 1H MR Spectroscopy1 by Drs. R.W. Haley. $3.75 Order No. 0118-HALE-00-011

b The Gulf War, stress and a leaky blood-brain barrier by Dr. I. Hanin. $1.50 Order No. 0118-HANI-96-002

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b Toxic Responses of the Heart and Vascular Systems by Drs. Joseph Hanig and Eugene Her-man. $9.25 Order No. 0056-HANI-91-033

b Editorial: Epidemics Then and Now: Chemicals Replace Microbes and Degenerations Oust Infections by Kaye ilburn. $1.75 Order No. 0064-KILB-94-003

b Diagnosis and Treatment of Patients Presenting Subclinical Signs and Symptoms in Exposure to Chemicals Which Bioaccumulate in Human Tissue by Dr. David Root, et al. $2.00 Order No. 0092-ROOT-85-004

b Indoor air pollution and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity by Drs. Rosalind and Julius Anderson. $9.25 Order No. 0112-ANDE-01-033

b Impact of Exposure to Multiple Contaminates on Symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome by Richard Menzies, et al. $2.50 Order No. 0113-MENZ-93-006

b Sick building syndrome and related workplace disorders by L.A. Morrow. $2.50. Order No. 0113-MORR-92-006

b A Guide for the Food Allergic Patient by Karla and John Boyles, MD. A good beginner's guide to the rotation diet. $4.50 Order No. 0121-BOYL-75-014

b The Physician's Role in Helping Smoke-Sensitive Patients to Use the Americans With Disabilities Act to Secure Smoke-Free Workplaces and Public Spaces by Wendy Parmet, et al. $2.25 Order No. 0212-PARM-96-005

b Toxic Emissions from Carpet by Dr. Rosalind Anderson. $4.00 Order No. 0226-ANDE-95-012

b Chemical Exposures contains the components of products in everyday use. $2.50 Order No. 0229-CIIN-93-006

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To obtain a complete list of studies and articles from CIIN's in-house library, you may select from the topics listed below. CIIN will then mail you the list of studies it has on the topic(s) selected. Unfortunately because of space, a complete list of topics (over 1,000) could not be listed. So even if you don't see a topic, CIIN may still have informa-tion available. Only 5 topic lists will be provided at no charge; thereafter please include $1 per topic requested.

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b General Topics

Alzheimer's Disease
Americans with Disabilities Act
Aminolevulunic acid
Blood indices, disorders, changes
Blood-brain barrier
Breast cancer
Carbonless paper
Cardiac disorders, injury
Central nervous system changes, disorders, injury
Chemical interactions
Children's health issues
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Disinfectants / Cleaning products
Ears / Hearing disorders, injury
Electromagnetic fields
Endocrine disrupting chemicals
Exposure standards
Eyes / Visual disorders, injury
Food Intolerance
Food Safety
Genetic alterations, damage
Gots, Ronald
Global warming
Gulf War Syndrome
Hazardous Waste
Hospitals & Chemical exposures
Immune system disorders and injury
Indoor air quality
Inhalation / Olfaction
Kidney changes, disorders, injury
Legal issues & toxic torts
Light, Effects of
Liver changes, disorders, injury
MCS opposition
MCS Testing / Research protocol
Medical Personnel and Patient Education
Myopathy (muscle diseases)
Nasal changes, disorders, injury
Neurobehavioral changes, disorders, injury
Neurodegenerative diseases
Neurogenic inflammation
Outdoor air quality
Oxygenated fuels
P450 enzyme system
Parkinson's Disease
Particulate matter
Peripheral nervous system changes, disorders, injury
Permissible exposure levels
Pesticide inert ingredients
Pesticide Registration / Regulation
Pesticides, general
Pesticides: cancer
Pesticides: endocrine disrupting
Pesticides: genetic alterations, change, damage
Pesticides: immunological effects
Pesticides: neurological and psychological
Pesticides: porphyrinogenic
Pesticides: reproduction and l developmenta
Pesticides: respiratory
Porphyrin abnormalities
Reproductive and developmental changes, disorders, injury
Respiratory changes, disorders, injury
Risk assessment
Sick Building Syndrome
Silicone implants
Skin changes, disorders, injury
Social Security Disability
SPECT scan
Susceptibility factors
Terr, Abba
Time-dependent sensitization
Tobacco smoke
Vietnam veterans
Water quality, domestic
Water quality, ground
Wood smoke
Workers' compensation

b Chemicals

Acetic Acid
Bisphenol A
Carbon dioxide
Carbon monoxide
Chlorpyrifos (Dursban)
Dichlorobenzenes (m-,o-,p-)
Ethyl mercaptan
Ethylene glycol
Ethylene oxide
Glycol ethers
Glyphosate (Round-up)
Hydrogen sulfide
Methyl ethyl ketone
Methyl parathion
Methylene chloride
Polychlorinated biphenyls
Pyrethroids, synthetic
Stoddard solvent
Trimellitic anhydride
Vinyl chloride
Zinc chloride
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The Chemical Injury Information Network (CIIN) is building a library of legal documents and federal government recognition documents to aid chemically injured people with chemical sensitivities in their legal efforts for recognition, accommodation, and fair compensation. Some Packs include medical studies (see individual Pack descriptions). When medical studies are included, they are studies that have been published in well-established peer-reviewed medical journals. Unless otherwise noted, these information packs are set up so the documents do not overlap from one pack to the next. If the packs contain documents that are also listed in the Environmental Access Profiles: List of Back Issues, then those profile documents are noted in the description by their profile number abbreviated as "P." (Full profile listings are in the Environmental Access Profiles).

This pack contacts Federal agency government documents which recognize multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) as a legitimate disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The entities include The entities include the US Dept. of Justice, the US President's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities, the US National Council on Disability, the US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (#P11 and its corresponding document), and the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). In addition, it has a legal review of how the ADA can best be used to protect the rights of MCS sufferers.
Order No.: 0158-CIIN-xx-055 Cost: $14.75

This pack contains Federal agency government documents which recognize multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) as a legitimate disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other legislation. The entities include the US Dept. of Justice, the US President's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities, the US National Council on Disability, the US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (#P11 and its corresponding document), and the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Also included is a favorable legal de-termination by the EEOC for a workplace accommodation case on behalf of a patient with MCS.
Order No.: 0146-CIIN-xx-044 Cost: $12.00
For the above pack without #P11 and the HUD document:
Order No.: 0146-CIIN-xx-022 Cost: $6.50

This pack contains four Social Security case decisions that were favorable for patients with multiple chemical sensitivities, as well as a copy of the US Social Security Administration's official policy statement recognizing MCS as a legitimate disability under the term "Environmental Illness," and a court-ordered SSA memorandum recognizing MCS.
Order No.: 0147-CIIN-xx-060 Cost: $16.00

Contains two legal case final decisions ruling that the plaintiffs' MCS must be accommodated under the Fair Housing Act and the US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development recognizes MCS (#P11) as a disability which must be accommodated under the Fair Housing Act:
Order No.: 0145-CIIN-xx-087 Cost: $22.75

Contains fifteen legal case final rulings favorable to plaintiffs' with multiple chemical sensitivities caused by workplace-related chemical exposures. These decisions prove that various state workers' compensation systems around the country are recognizing MCS as a legitimate disability that should be compensated.
Order No.: 0148-CIIN-xx-195 Cost: $49.75

This pack is comprised of three of the favorable Workers' Compensation legal case decisions (from the above "Workers' Compensation Pack") which specifically address payment for medical treatments for patients with MCS under workers' compensation insurance policies.
Order No.: 0148-CIIN-xx-073 Cost: $19.25

This pack contains state government documents which recognize MCS as a legitimate disability which should be recognized and accommodated. Includes documents from the Washington state Governor's office; the California state Attorney General's office; the California Energy Commission; the New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department; the Connecticut Governor's Office, and the New Mexico Governor's Office. Includes three state governor's proclamations of "Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Awareness Week.".
Order No.: 0146-CIIN-xx-013 Cost: $4.25

This pack contains four documents stating the official policy of MCS recognition and accommodation by the California cities of Oakland, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, Berkeley, and also the Chicago Transit Authority.
Order No.: 0146-CIIN-xx-033 Cost: $9.25

These documents are additional documents not included in the "US Federal Agency Recognition Pack" (which also specifically addresses accommodation for tobacco smoke sensitivity). This ETS Accommodation Pack includes a successful legal case under the Fair Employment and Housing Act and the Rehabilitation Act against an employer, and an article published by the American Medical Association urging doctors to aid patients in seeking accommodations, a successful legal case under the ADA for public accommodation in a restaurant, and toxicology book excerpts listing the numerous hazardous chemicals in tobacco smoke and the adverse health effects of those chemicals.
Order No.: 0212-CIIC-xx-041 Cost: $11.25

"Legal Actions and Voluntary Accommodations of Chemical Sensitivity in Schools" is included in this pack. (The article is referenced with numerous medical studies and other pertinent documents which, if desired, can be ordered with the order form at the back of the newsletter.) Also included in this pack is the National PTA's position statement against the use of pesticides in schools, a legal case won on behalf of a student chemically injured during a science lab, and the Halton Board of Education "Environmental Hypersensitivities Resource Document" and student accommodation plan, two other school accommodation plans, and accommodation and recognition policies for Evergreen State College, the U. of Minnesota Disability Services, and the New Mexico Dept. of Education..
Order No.: 0123-CIIN-xx-074 Cost: $19.50

This pack includes the official chemical sensitivity accommodation policies of two hospitals, a report by the New York State Dept. of Law Attorney General's office warning of the hazards of pesticide use in hospitals and recommending that nontoxic alternatives be used for pest control (with examples of successful hospital pest control programs utilizing alternatives to pesticides). Also included are the two back issues of Medical & Legal Briefs from the series on hospital hazards and accommodations (Vol. 1 No. 6 and Vol. 2 No. 1). The extensive hospital articles are referenced with numerous medical studies and other pertinent documents which, if desired, can be ordered with the order form at the back of the newsletter.
Order No.: 0218-CIIN-xx-047 Cost: $12.75

This pack includes the "best" of the medical studies that address perfume hazards other than skin problems (6 studies), including the toxicology study by Anderson Labs. It also includes the extensively researched and referenced three-part series on "Perfume Toxicity, Sensitivity, Accommodation and Disability" published in Medical & Legal Briefs (Vol. 4 No. 1, Vol. 4 No. 2, and Vol. 4 No. 3). The articles contain a complete medical and legal review to date. If desired, the medical studies and other documents summarized in the series can be ordered with the order form at the back of the newsletter.
Order No.: 0216-CIIN-xx-060 Cost: $16.00

This pack provides an overview of this ubiquitous chemical. Includes toxicology book excerpts listing the numerous building and consumer products that contain formaldehyde, a US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development final rule which warns some people are especially sensitive to formaldehyde and that no safe exposure level can be established for those people, a health department fact sheet, a US Consumer Product Safety Commission Consumer Alert, a legal case won on behalf of a doctor who became sensitized to formaldehyde and therefore aldehyde compounds (also included in the Workers' Compensation Pack), and three medical studies.
Order No.: 0260-CIIN-xx-055 Cost: $14.75
For the above Pack without the workers' comp case:
Order No.: 0260-CIIN-xx-040 Cost: $11.00

In order to win a case in court, the chemically injured plaintiff must have objective evidence of injury. Just stating that a person has MCS or is sensitive to chemicals is not enough if evidence of impairment isn't provided along with that claim. This is why objective medical testing is so important in these cases. The more evidence of injury, the more convincing the case. There are numerous medical studies address-ing the various tests that are providing objective evidence of injury in patients with chemical sensitivities. This pack provides a select overview of those studies taken from the "Environmental Access Profiles List of Back Issues." (See that list for a more extensive compilation.) This selection includes the choice of ordering only the profiles, or ordering both the profiles and their corresponding medical studies. The profiles provide the full reference and concisely summarize the studies, pull out the main quotes, and show how the information can be used. When ordered along with their corresponding studies, the price of each profile is reduced to only 25¢. This Pack includes P8, P16, P17, P18, P19, P20, P24, P25, P33, P35, P44, P50, P53 and the corresponding medical studies to the preceding profiles. Also included is a list of Mayo Clinic lab tests that can be conducted by mail from anywhere in the US mainland and parts of Canada.
For the Profiles only:
Order No.: 0133-CIIN-xx-028 Cost: $8.00
For the Medical Studies, Profiles, and Mayo List:
Order No.: 0113-CIIN-xx-216 Cost: $55.00

The most essential way to counteract claims that a patient's illness is psychologically induced is through objective evidence of injury (see Objective Evidence of Injury Pack). Beyond that, this pack contains articles and studies by a clinical psychologist at Johns Hopkins University. These studies evaluate the anti-MCS studies (including Abba Terr's) and find them all to be seriously flawed, and explain why the commonly used psychological test, the MMPI, is not an appropriate test for patients with chemical injury/MCS because it automatically scores physical symptoms as psychological. These articles are also found as P1, P34, and their corresponding studies in the Environmental Access Profiles: List of Back Issues.
Order No.: 0112-CIIN-xx-039 Cost: $12.75

Abba Terr is well known for his anti-MCS bias in his studies and expert witness work. Because some of these items are also found in other packs and ordering lists, the Terr documents are available separately as listed below (see also the Counteracting Psychological Claims Pack): Terr deposition where under oath he states, "You get me out of my area if you ask me about toxic chemicals. I'm an allergist." Government report discrediting Terr (P7 and its corresponding report:
Order No.: 0172-TERR-xx-069 Cost: $18.75
Four Abba Terr depositions. The one listed above, plus the Terr deposition where under oath he admits that the patients in his workplace study were referred by em-ployers and insurance companies who paid him for his opinions in their fights against the workers' compensation claims.
Order No.: 0172-TERR-xx-168 Cost: $43.00
All of the above material, plus a Workers' Comp case in which judge describes how Terr has discredited himself for the case (also included in the Workers' Compensation package):
Order No.: 0172-TERR-xx-447 Cost: $112.75

This pack includes 4 medical studies that examine the medical literature and the process whereby the government set up its legal workplace exposure standards for chemicals. The studies compare the current government and professional standards with actual workplace poisoning events and worker symptoms that have occurred at exposure levels well below those standards. Together they provide overwhelming evidence that the current legal exposure limits are not adequate to protect workers, and instead were set up according to what levels were economically feasible for industry.
Order No.: 0157-CIIN-xx-059 Cost: $15.75

Dursban (Chlorpyrifos) is one of the most commonly used pesticides and is respon-sible for a plethora of poisonings. EARN has a tremendous number of documents on Dursban. This pack includes some of the best: Seven EPA documents including a 1989 EPA internal memo warning that because of unusual hypersensitivity reactions the public shouldn't be exposed to it, EPA's charges against Dow for failure to report poisonings and the resulting consent order, EPA reports investigating chronic symptoms from Dursban poisonings (including MCS), EPA's recom-mendations and letter to Dow requesting warning label changes and dramatic cutbacks in allowable usages to reduce public exposure, 4 medical studies providing an overview of hazards (including MCS), a health department fact sheet, and the final decision on 3 successful legal cases, two of which involved rulings on the admissibility of the plaintiff's medical expert.
Order No.: 0252-CIIN-xx-228 Cost: $58.00

Trade secret "inert" ingredients - which are not biologically inactive and typically involve highly toxic solvents - comprise the major portion of pesticide formulations (including insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc.). This pack includes a landmark precedent-setting legal case (by the Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides and the National Coalition Against Misuse of Pesticides) against the EPA in which the judge ruled EPA must provide the identities of the bulk of the "inert" ingredients for requests under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Also included is a sample FOIA request, and a New York Attorney General's report listing common toxic "inert" ingredients and their hazards.
Order No.: 0008-CIIN-xx-046 Cost: $12.50

Includes three medical studies, a consumer alert put out by the New York State Department of Law, Attorney General's office, a referenced series of investigative articles, and two successful legal cases: one for toxic carpet exposure in the workplace, and a product liability suit.
Order No.: 0226-CIIN-xx-076 Cost: $20.75

Court arguments against MCS are increasingly relying on the misinformation put out by Ronald Gots and his corporate-funded industry front organization the Envi-ronmental Sensitivities Research Institute (ESRI) which seeks to pass itself off as an independent entity. This pack contains relevant excerpts from Chemical Exposures: Low Levels and High Stakes, Second Edition (Ashford & Miller, Van Nostrand Reinhold) which expose Gots's flaws, including the misinformation ESRI put out on the World Health Organization after the 1996 Berlin Workshop. This pack also includes a published workers' comp court case in which the judge discounted Gots's testimony which include the claim that multiple chemical sensitivities do not exist. The "Counteracting Psychological Claims Pack" and the "Objective Evidence of Injury Pack" in this listing are also relevant for counteracting Gots.
Order No.: 0173-CIIN-xx-028 Cost: $8.00

This pack contains a Supreme Court petition, two Medical & Legal Briefs review articles, and two extensive well reasoned opinions (one filed as a dissent) by Fifth Circuit Judge J. Dennis which lay out the strongest arguments and favorable court decisions of the majority of the federal circuits allowing the admission of clinical testimony without a narrow interpretation or strict adherence to the Daubert factors.
Order No.: 0171-CIIN-xx-177 Cost: $45.25

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Environmental Access Profiles

by Cindy Duehring (as of October 1999)

Back issues of Environmental Access Profiles are available only through the Chemical Injury Information Network (CIIN). The profiles are referenced and summarize the studies and highlight the main quotes for both professionals and lay people. These profiles and studies have helped numerous individuals with physician, family, and government education; workers' compensation suits and accommodation claims; Social Security disability hearings and toxic tort cases. Unless otherwise noted, all the articles profiled are from peer-reviewed journals and toxicology books. Photocopies of the actual articles may also be ordered. All orders must be prepaid. Prices listed include shipping. Duplicate profiles may be ordered, but due to copyright law, only one copy of each article may be provided per person. CIIN provides research services only and does not endorse/promote the therapies that may be mentioned in a review.

DISCOUNT: When ordering both the profile and study together, please take a 10% discount.

o JOHNS HOPKINS PRELIMINARY MULTIPLE CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY (MCS) DATA AVAILABLE: This profile covers two papers (one published and one pre-sented at an Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics workshop) by Linda L. Davidoff, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist at Johns Hopkins University. MCS patients do not really fit the criteria to be labeled as having a disease of psychological origin. She lists and examines the studies which have claimed that MCS is of psychological origin and finds them to be seriously flawed. Dr. Davidoff also warns that real physiological symptoms are scored as psychological in typical psych tests.
#1 PROFILE: 0112-DUEH-91-002 - $1.50 ARTICLES: 0112-DAVI-92-019 - $5.75 and 0112-DAVI-92-006 - $2.50)

o A PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR PHYSICIANS AND PATIENTS: IDENTIFYING AND CONTROLLING CHEMICAL EXPOSURES: This article by Grace Ziem, M.D., Dr. P.H., (co-chair for the MCS Task Force of the American Public Health Association) provides an excellent overview of the realities of MCS and the multitude of petrochemical exposures which most people are unaware that they experience daily through nearly every aspect of the typical lifestyle. Her published article is entitled "Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Treatment and Follow-up: Avoidance and Control of Chemical Exposures."
#2 PROFILE: 0112-DUEH-91-002a - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0112-ZIEM-92-014 - $4.50

o "PESTICIDES AND REGULATION: THE MYTH OF SAFETY", a report by the California Senate Office of Research, provides a well documented list of pesticide hazards to humans, including those posed by inert ingredients and lack of safety testing.
#3 PROFILE: 0002-DUEH-91-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0002-JENN-91-045 - $12.25

o MULTIPLE CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY (MCS) AND THE BRAIN: There is actually more than one route by which substances can immediately affect, stimulate, or even directly enter the brain, such as via the olfactory apparatus in the nose. Claudia Miller, M.D., M.S., shows how chemically induced stimulation or damage to the limbic system of the brain could explain the myriad of symptoms in MCS. Her article is entitled "Possible Models for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Conceptual Issues and Role of Limbic System."
#4 PROFILE: 0112-DUEH-92-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0112-MILL-92-022 - $6.50

o PESTICIDE TREATMENTS IN THE WORKPLACE: EMPLOYEES AT RISK: This report investigates a pesticide poisoning incident at a casino and warns that employees chronically exposed to pesticides and the solvents in the formulations may be at risk for developing MCS. The study, by James Cone, M.D., M.P.H., and Thomas Sult, M.D., is "Acquired Intolerance to Solvents Following Acute Pesticide/Solvent Intoxication in a Building."
#5 PROFILE: 0112-DUEH-92-002a - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0112-CONE-92-011 - $3.75

o CHEMICALS AND THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: William J. Meggs, M.D., Ph.D., provides a brief overview of MCS as it relates to the immune system and the inflammation and permanent tissue damage that can arise from chronic immune activation caused by chemical exposure in his article, "Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and the Immune System."
#6 PROFILE: 0112-DUEH-92-002b - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0112-MEGG-92-012 - $4.00

o NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL REPORT (NRC) ADDRESSES INDOOR AIR POLLUTION AND MCS: This 1992 NRC report presents evidence from the medical literature linking low level chemical exposure with adverse human health effects. Aba Terr's work is criticized for its lack of scientific merit and bias. Profile and article cover the chapter "Use of Biologic Markers in Controversial Areas of Environmental Health" and related portions and references from the NRC report "Biological Markers in Immunotoxicology."
#7 PROFILE: 0112-DUEH-92-002c - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0112-NRCB-92-023 - $6.75

o DIAGNOSTIC TESTS FOR MULTIPLE CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY: Gunnar Heuser, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.C.P, of U.C.L.A. School of Medicine, et. al., list tests for diagnosing MCS and the degree of chemical injury in "Diagnostic Markers of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity." Presents test results for objective abnormalities in 135 MCS patients. Published in the National Research Council report "Multiple Chemical Sensitivities." A chart left out of that publication is included with the reprint provided through EARN courtesy of Dr. Heuser.
#8 PROFILE: 0112-DUEH-92-002d - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0112-HEUS-92-025 - $7.25

o NRC REPORT ADDRESSES CHEMICALLY INDUCED AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE: This 1992 National Research Council report recognizes chemically-induced autoimmune disease, presents evidence, discusses diagnostic tests and predisposing factors. Profile and article cover chapter four, "Autoimmune Diseases," and related portions and references from the NRC report "Biologic Markers in Immunotoxicology."
#9 PROFILE: 0071-DUEH-92-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0071-NRCB-92-021 - $6.25

o SCREENING FOR NERVOUS SYSTEM DAMAGE FROM CHEMICAL EXPOSURE: This 1992 National Research Council report lists neurological and neuropsychological tests used to detect subtle chemical injury. The report warns about the lack of pre-market chemical testing and the dangers of chronic low-level exposure. Profile and article cover chapter five, "Surveillance to Prevent Neurotoxicity in Humans," and references from the NRC report "Environmental Neurotoxicology."
#10 PROFILE: 0062-DUEH-92-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0062-NRCL-92-023 - $6.75

o LEGAL RECOGNITION OF MCS BY US H.U.D.: This 1992 US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development policy memorandum "Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder and Environmental Illness as Handicaps" presents legislative history and case precedents to back up their official recognition of MCS as a physiological handicap requiring accommodation on a case by case basis.
#11 PROFILE: 0152-DUEH-92-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0152-HUDW-92-020 - $6.00

o CHEMICAL POISONING, HOSPITAL PREPAREDNESS AND LIABILITY: This guide entitled "Don't Let This Happen to You: A Guide to Haz Mat Preparedness for Hospitals" by the District XI South Florida Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) Hospital Preparedness Technical Advisory Committee was prepared to help hospitals and clinics recognize and treat chemical poisoning incidents in accordance with federal law. Includes checklists.
#12 PROFILE: 0219-DUEH-92-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0219-LEPC-92-029 - $8.25

o IMMUNOLOGICAL AND NEUROLOGICAL EFFECTS OF CHEMICALS ON THE RESPIRATORY TRACT: IMPLICATIONS FOR CHEMICAL SENSITIVITIES: This article by Rebecca Bascom, M.D., M.P.H., reviews some of the studies which have shown the effects of various chemicals on the respiratory tract. From the published proceedings of the AOEC 1991 MCS workshop.
#13 PROFILE: 0112-DUEH-92-002e - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0112-BASC-92-009 - $3.25

o LEGAL STATUS OF MCS: PUBLIC ACCESS: "Measures Which Will Result in Greater Access for People with Environmental Illness/MCS to California's Publicly-Funded Facilities: Steps Toward Regulatory Remedies" by Susan Molloy, MA. Testimony before the CA Senate Committee on the Rights of Disabled Persons hearing on public access for people with MCS. Reports on accommodation cases.
#14 PROFILE: 0112-DUEH-93-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0112-MOLL-92-034 - $9.50

o PATIENTS' RIGHTS: Un-reviewed excerpts from the book Your Medical Rights: How to Become an Empowered Consumer by Charles Inlander of the People's Medical Society and Eugene Pavalon Esq. Includes forms to aid patients in keeping their own medical records.
#15 PROFILE: 0219-DUEH-93-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0219-INLA-90-027 - $7.75

o "CLINICAL EVALUATION AND EXPOSURE CONTROL FOR CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY", a review of objective tests and evidence of organ system/tissue damage found in MCS patients. Presented by Grace Ziem, M.D., Dr. P.H., at the 1992 annual American Public Health Association meeting. Includes charts and forms for doctors to use in diagnosis and to aid their patients in workplace, school, and housing accommodation.
#16 PROFILE: 0112-DUEH-93-002a - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0112-ZIEM-92-018 - $5.50

o CHEMICAL INJURY / CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY: OBJECTIVE TESTS AND FINDINGS: An invited editorial by Gunnar Heuser, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.P., published by J. Occ. Med. Toxicol. "Diagnostic Markers in Clinical Immunotoxicology and Neurotoxicology" lists objective tests for showing chemical injury and presents his current findings in sensitized patients.
#17 PROFILE: 0112-DUEH-93-002b - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0112-HEUS-92-006 - $2.50

o CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY AND UPPER RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS: "Rhinolaryn-goscopic Examination of Patients with the Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome" by William J. Meggs, M.D., Ph.D., and Crawford H. Cleveland Jr., M.D., reports consistent upper-airway abnormalities.
#18 PROFILE: 0112-DUEH-93-002c - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0112-MEGG-93-005 - $2.25

o "IMMUNE ALTERATION ASSOCIATED WITH EXPOSURE TO TOXIC CHEMICALS" by Aristo Vojdani, Ph.D., Mamdooh Ghoneum, Ph.D., and Nachman Brautbar, M.D. Case-controlled study finding higher incidence of autoimmunity, chemical antibodies and immune activation or suppression in chemically exposed individuals. A personal communication (reported only in the Profile) quotes Vojdani who states that the patients in the study also had MCS.
#19 PROFILE: 0070-DUEH-93-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0070-VOJD-92-016 - $5.00

o BRAIN SCANS FOR CHEMICAL INJURY/CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY: Three-dimensional Brain Metabolic Imaging in Patients with Toxic Encephalopathy" by T.J. Callender, L. Morrow et al. Some tests are better than others for showing damage, SPECT is most consistent. Personal communications (reported only in the Profile) quote Dr. Callender who states the patients in the study were also sensitive to low levels of fumes and Dr. Heuser's finding of abnormal SPECT scans when patients were challenged with low perfume levels.
#20 PROFILE: 0062-DUEH-93-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0062-CALL-93-025 - $7.25

o THE HAZARDS OF CHEMICALS IN HOUSE DUST: "Chemical Contaminants in House Dust: Occurrences and Sources" by J.W. Roberts, W.T. Budd, J. Chuang, and R.G. Lewis (EPA). Review of the literature on pesticides, lead, and other chemical hazards in house dust. Presented at the International Conference on Indoor Air Quality and Climate 1993.
#21 PROFILE: 0205-DUEH-93-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0205-ROBE-93-006 - $2.50

o PESTICIDES AND HUMAN EXPOSURE: "Herbicides and Fungicides: A Perspective on Potential Human Exposure" by C.R. Clement and T. Colborn of the World Wildlife Fund, Washington D.C. Packed with disturbing statistics and cases demonstrating the problems associated with pesticide use, including insecticides.
#22 PROFILE: 0002-DUEH-93-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0002-CLEM-92-018 - $5.50

o "IMPACT OF EXPOSURE TO MULTIPLE CONTAMINANTS ON SYMPTOMS OF SICK BUILDING SYNDROME" by Richard Menzies, M.D., M.Sc., (McGill University, Canada) et al. Double-blind study in four office buildings shows SBS may be related to a combination of contaminant exposures that may not pose a problem individually at low levels.
#23 PROFILE: 0113-DUEH-93-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0113-MENZ-93-006 - $2.50

o QEEG EVENT-RELATED POTENTIALS AND CHEMICAL INJURY: Study by Lisa A. Morrow, Ph.D., (Dept. of Psychiatry, Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, U. of Pittsburgh), and Stuart R. Steinhauer, Ph.D., (Director of Biometrics Research Program and Director of Clinical Psychophysiology at Veterans Affair Medical Center, Pittsburgh, and Research Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, U. of Pittsburgh), and Michael J. Hodgson, M.D., M.P.H., (Occupational and Environmental Program, U. of Pittsburgh). The authors discuss their research on solvent-exposed patients and state that P300 latency assessment is a "noninvasive objective measure" which "may serve as an empirical marker for CNS (central nervous system) impairment following neurotoxic exposure."
#24 PROFILE: 0024-DUEH-94-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0024-MORR-92-006 - $2.50

o COGNITIVE EVOKED POTENTIALS AND CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY: In this landmark study, neuroscientist Donald L. Dudley, M.D., President of the Washington Institute of Neuroscientists, found that 100% of the MCS patients had abnormal cognitive evoked potentials (also referred to event-related potentials) when challenge tested with low levels of various chemicals found in everyday life. #C25 includes Dudley's abstracts published in a peer-reviewed journal, and his back-up article submitted for publication.
#25 PROFILE: 0112-DUEH-94-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0112-DUDL-94-024 - $7.00

o EVIDENCE: THE NOSE PROVIDES DIRECT TRANSPORT OF CHEMICALS TO THE BRAIN: Set of three medical studies that show and explain how chemicals, including heavy metals and solvents, can be transported directly to the brain via the olfactory nerves.
#26 PROFILE: 0098-DUEH-94-002 - $1.50 ARTICLES: 0098-HAST-91-008 - $3.00, 0098-PERL-87-001 - $1.25, and 0098-GHAN-90-006 - $2.50

o "ENVIRONMENTALLY RELATED DISORDERS OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEM" by Edward L. Baker M.D., M.P.H., Deputy Director of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Centers for Disease Control, et al. This article addresses what is known through classic toxicology and presents a concise overview of some of the basics of chemically induced nervous system damage.
#27 PROFILE: 0062-DUEH-94-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0062-BAKE-90-021 - $6.25

o P300 PROVIDES OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE OF CHEMICAL INJURY WHEN OTHER TESTS APPEAR NORMAL: This study by Heidi H. Wasch, Dept. of Neurology, U. of California, San Francisco, et al. provides further support for the use of cognitive evoked potentials (event-related potentials). They assess three patients exposed to hydrogen sulfide.
#28 PROFILE: 0747-DUEH-94-002 - $1.50) ARTICLE: 0747-WASC-89-003 - $1.75

o HAZARD COMMUNICATIONS, MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEETS, AND THE LAW: This summary by Craig Beck, C.I.H., et al. discusses the legal right to know for employees and the responsibilities of employers.
#29 PROFILE: 0151-DUEH-94-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0151-BECK-92-015 - $4.75

o TOXIC ENCEPHALOPATHY vs. ALZHEIMER'S: "Prognosis in Chronic Toxic Encephalopathy: A Two-Year Follow-Up Study of 26 Housepainters with Occupational Encephalopathy" by P. Bruhn et al. of the Departments of Neurology and Neuroradiology, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark. Objective testing compares toxic encephalopathy with Alzheimer's and shows how to differentiate between the two.
#30 PROFILE: 0062-DUEH-94-002a - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0062-BRUH-81-014 - $4.50

o TOXIC RESPONSES OF THE HEART AND VASCULAR SYSTEMS: By Joseph P. Hanig, Ph.D., and Eugene H. Herman, Ph.D. Provides an in-depth overview of how chemicals can affect the heart and vascular (blood vessels) systems.
#31 PROFILE: 0056-DUEH-94-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0056-HANI-91-033 - $9.25

o WHAT DO YOU GET WITH AN INDOOR AIR QUALITY INVESTIGATION?: "IAQ Investigations/Case Histories" by Robert W. Lea, P.E., Principal Materials Engineer for Law Engineering. This article outlines the basics of a typical IAQ investigation and reflects the minimum a person should require. Shortcomings and information left out of the article are addressed in the Profile.
#32 PROFILE: 0205-DUEH-94-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0205-LEAR-94-013 - $4.25

o INDEPENDENT DOUBLE-BLIND STUDY CONFIRMS CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY IN 1963: "Systemic Toxic Reactions to Soft Plastic Food Containers: A Double-Blind Study" by Eloise W. Kailin, M.D., and Clifton R. Brooks, M.D. This study shows that when true scientific principles and sound protocols are applied to testing MCS patients, their sensitivities can be verified by double-blind studies.
#33 PROFILE: 0112-DUEH-94-002a -$1.50 ARTICLE: 0112-KAIL-63-008 -$3.00

o PSYCHOGENIC MCS STUDIES SERIOUSLY FLAWED: This critical review of the psychogenic MCS literature was published in a peer-reviewed medical journal. Drs. Ann L. Davidoff and Linda Fogarty of Johns Hopkins University detail the studies' deficiencies and outline the factors that should be taken into account when assessing the literature and studying MCS patients.
#34 PROFILE: 0112-DUEH-94-002b -$1.50 ARTICLE: 0112-DAVI-94-010 - $3.50

o ELECTROMYOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE OF MUSCLE WEAKNESS IN DOUBLE-BLIND MCS CHALLENGE TESTING: Study by Eloise W. Kailin, M.D., and Alicia Hastings, M.D., provides objective evidence of reactions to low level pesticide exposure in MCS patients.
#35 PROFILE: 0112-DUEH-95-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0112-KAIL-66-009 - $3.25

o CEREBRAL DISTURBANCES IN MCS PATIENTS: A DOUBLE-BLIND PESTICIDE EXPOSURE STUDY: "Cerebral Disturbances from Small Amounts of DDT: A Con-trolled Study" by Eloise W. Kailin, M.D., and Alicia Hastings, M.D., confirms early evidence of MCS and includes observations on possible toxicologic mechanisms.
#36 PROFILE: 0112-DUEH-95-002a - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0112-KAIL-66-006 - $2.50

o CHEMICALLY INDUCED RESPIRATORY CONDITIONS AND THEIR RELATIONSHIP TO MCS: A REVIEW: "RADS and RUDS - the Toxic Induction of Asthma and Rhinitis," by William J. Meggs, M.D., Ph.D., cites research showing increasing asthma incidence and death, and provides an overview of research regarding chemically induced respiratory conditions.
#37 PROFILE: 0060-DUEH-95-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0060-MEGG-94-015 - $4.75

o CHRONIC EXPOSURE: "EVALUATING HEALTH RISKS FROM OCCUPATIONAL EXPOSURE TO PESTICIDES AND THE REGULATORY RESPONSE": Chronic health effects of pesticide exposure are of greater risk than acute effects according to this peer reviewed study based on research by the California EPA. The pesticide regulatory history and current problems are discussed along with recommendations for worker protection, in the absence of adequate regulations.
#38 PROFILE: 0002-DUEH-95-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0002-WOOD-94-009 - $3.25

o TIME-DEPENDENT SENSITIZATION (TDS) & MCS: Both of the studies presented in this profile present evidence from the published literature on TDS in animals that show the amazing parallels between the characteristics and symptoms of MCS in humans and TDS in an animal model. From the published proceedings of an Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry conference.
#39 PROFILE: 0112-DUEH-95-002b - $1.50 ARTICLES: 0112-SORG-94-018 - $5.50, and 0112-ANTE-94-008 - $3.00

o INCREASED AIRWAY RESISTANCE IN MCS PATIENTS: Chemical inhalation challenge testing showed increased airway resistance in MCS patients as opposed to control subjects. From the published proceedings of the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry's conference on neurobiologic sensitivity.
#40 PROFILE: 0112-DUEH-95-002c (2 pp. $1.50) ARTICLE: 0112-DOTY-94-010 - $3.50

o INSTITUTE OF MEDICINE REPORT URGES DOCTORS AND MEDICAL SCHOOLS TO INCORPORATE ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE: "Executive Summary" and "Introduction" from this 1995 report summarizes the need for chemical hazards awareness and urges physicians to become more active in all aspects of the issue.
#41 PROFILE: 0219-DUEH-95-002 (2 pp. $1.50) ARTICLE: 0219-IOMP-95-018 - $5.50

o INSTITUTE OF MEDICINE REPORT LISTS SIX COMPETENCY-BASED OBJECTIVES FOR PHYSICIANS: "Chapter Two: Curriculum and Content" from this National Academy of Sciences' report discusses specifics of medical education reform.
#42 PROFILE: 0219-DUEH-95-002a - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0219-IOME-95-013 - $4.25

o INSTITUTE OF MEDICINE ADDRESSES "FACULTY INERTIA" AND URGES INCORPORATION OF ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE: Chapter Four and the Concluding Remarks discuss problems with existing faculty and list recommendations.
#43 PROFILE: 0219-DUEH-95-002b - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0219-IOME-95-015 - $4.75

o PORPHYRINOGENIC CHEMICALS & METABOLISM: MCS PATIENTS AT RISK: Review shows how numerous chemicals affect the heme biosynthetic pathway. The profile further defines biological consequences and discusses their relationship to chemical sensitivities.
#44 PROFILE: 0077-DUEH-95-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0077-MARK-85-029 - $8.25

o PORPHYRINOGENIC PESTICIDES: TOXIC TO ALL LIVING THINGS: Preface & Chapter One of Porphyric Pesticides by the American Chemical Society discusses how industry has been deliberately developing pesticides that disrupt the heme bio-synthetic pathway.
#45 PROFILE: 0011-DUEH-95-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0011-DUKE-94-019 - $4.75

o MCS STUDY COMPARING PESTICIDE AND REMODELING PATIENTS INDICATES NEUROLOGIC MECHANISM: Results of this study by Claudia Miller M.D. and Howard C. Mitzel M.D. indicate MCS is not a psychogenic somatoform disorder.
#46 PROFILE: 0112-DUEH-96-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0112-MILL-95-011 - $3.75

o CASE-CONTROLLED NEUROSPECT BRAIN SCAN STUDY SHOWS IMPAIRMENT IN CHEMICALLY EXPOSED PATIENTS: This study shows brain damage in solvent and pesticide-exposed individuals assessed by SPECT scan. A personal communication with Dr. Gunnar Heuser (reported only in the Profile) notes the majority of the patients in the study had multiple chemical sensitivities.
#47 PROFILE: 0112-DUEH-96-002a - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0112-HEUS-94-012 - $4.00

o CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY AND TIME-DEPENDENT SENSITIZATION; SURVEYS SHOW POSSIBLE PREVALENCE IN THE GENERAL POPULATION: This study reports a high incidence of chemical and food sensitivities in older adults, compares the findings with other surveys that found high incidences of chemical odor intolerance, and ties them into time-dependent sensitization.
#48 PROFILE: 0112-DUEH-96-002b - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0112-BELL-93-013 - $4.25

o CHEMICAL ODOR INTOLERANCE (CACOSMIA) IN COLLEGE STUDENTS IS CON-SISTENT WITH TIME-DEPENDENT SENSITIZATION: This study finds a high incidence of sensitivity to chemical odors in a survey of 800 college students. The researchers discuss how their results indicate a biologic mechanism rather than psychological, and tie it in to time-dependent sensitization.
#49 PROFILE: 0066-DUEH-96-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0066-BELL-96-013 - $4.25

o DETOX P450 ENZYMES AS THEY RELATE TO CHEMICAL SENSITIVITIES, INDIVIDUAL SUSCEPTIBILITY, PORPHYRINOPATHIES, AND TREATMENT: PART ONE: The study discusses nutritional and dietary factors impacting the ability of P450 enzymes to detoxify chemicals. The referenced profile gives additional background on the role of P450 enzymes, and shows how they relate to individual susceptibility and chemical sensitivities.
#50 PROFILE: 0075-DUEH-96-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0075-GUEN-95-008 $3.00

o DETOX P450 ENZYMES AS THEY RELATE TO CHEMICAL SENSITIVITIES, INDIVIDUAL SUSCEPTIBILITY, PORPHYRINOPATHIES, AND TREATMENT: PART TWO: This study discusses the role P450 enzymes play in chemically induced por-phyria attacks.
#51 PROFILE: 0077-DUEH-96-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0077-BICK-82-013 - $4.25

o DETOX P450 ENZYMES AS THEY RELATE TO CHEMICAL SENSITIVITIES, INDIVIDUAL SUSCEPTIBILITY, PORPHYRINOPATHIES, AND TREATMENT: PART THREE: This profile discusses the paradoxes and difficulties involved in trying to treat MCS patients with disorders of porphyrin metabolism, as indicated by a number of studies reviewed by the profile. The ordering information for the individual studies is on the profile.
#52 PROFILE: 0075-DUEH-96-004 - $2.00

o RESPIRATORY INFLAMMATION AND OTHER ABNORMALITIES FOUND IN PATIENTS WITH CONCURRENT MCS, RUDS & RADS: This case-controlled study of MCS patients shows objective respiratory abnormalities supportive of neurogenic in-flammation as a mechanism.
#53 PROFILE: 0060-DUEH-97-002 - $1.50) ARTICLE: 0060-MEGG-96-014 - $4.50

#54 PROFILE: 0112-DUEH-97-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0112-BELL-96-011 - $3.75

o PREVALENCE STUDY FINDS WIDESPREAD CHEMICAL SENSITIVITIES IN GENERAL POPULATION: This study involving a survey of 1,027 adults found chemical sensitivities about as prevalent as asthma.
#55 PROFILE: 0112-DUEH-97-002a - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0012-MEGG-96-008 - $3.00

o CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY AS AN EMERGING DISEASE MECHANISM: This review study by Claudia Miller, M.D., discusses evidence for MCS as a symptom, syndrome, or disease mechanism.
#56 PROFILE: 0112-DUEH-97-002b (2 pp. $1.50) ARTICLE: 0112-MILL-96-018 (18 pp. $4.40)

o RESEARCHERS PROPOSE AN ANIMAL MODEL FOR MCS CHOLINERGIC SUPERSENSITIVITY THAT ALSO ADDRESSES BIOLOGIC DEPRESSION: This study compares the numerous similarities between MCS symptoms and the characteristics of a strain of "supersensitive" rats.
#57 PROFILE: 0112-DUEH-97-002c - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0112-OVER-96-016 - $5.00

o PHARMACEUTICALS MAY ACT SYNERGISTICALLY WITH PESTICIDES - SPECT SCANS CONFIRM CHRONIC POISONING SYMPTOMS: This study discusses how SPECT scans (and several other tests) can show chemical injuries and correlate with symptoms even when other tests (such as EEG and MRI) are normal.
#58 PROFILE: 0062-DUEH-97-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0062-CALL-94-012 - $4.00

o OBJECTIVE INJURIES IN GULF VETERANS ECHO MCS AND IMPLICATE CHEMICAL SYNERGY: This 4-page profile reviews the medical studies which show physiological injuries in Gulf Veterans and ties them in to findings about chemical sensitivity. The ordering information for individual studies is on the profile.
#59 PROFILE: 0118-DUEH-97-004 - $2.00

o VITAMIN C IMPROVES IMMUNE FUNCTION IN CHEMICALLY INJURED PATIENTS: This study by Dr. Heuser and Dr. Vojdani found that high doses of vitamin C restored some critical components of immune function in chemically injured individuals.
#60 PROFILE: 0134-DUEH-97-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0134-HEUS-97-022 - $6.50

o SBS OVERVIEW OBSERVES SOME MAY DEVELOP MCS: This study provides an overview of the characteristics of sick building syndrome, and notes that some individuals develop chronic MCS arising out of SBS exposure.
#61 PROFILE: 0113-DUEH-98-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0113-REDL-97-004 - $2.00

o OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE OF NEUROBIOLOGICAL PROCESSES IN ODOR INTOLERENT INDIVIDUALS: QEEG and SPECT testing, including challenge testing, confirms biologic injury in the brains of chemically sensitive patients in this study.
#62 PROFILE: 0112-DUEH-98-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0112-CALL-95-009 - $3.25

o MULTIPLE OBJECTIVE CLINICAL ABNORMALITIES IN MCS: PORPHYRIN, IMMUNE, AND NEUROLOGIC FINDINGS: Dr. Ziem's clinical research findings in over 300 MCS patients showing objective evidence of injury with objective testing are presented in this study.
#63 PROFILE: 0112-DUEH-98-002a - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0112-ZIEM-97-020 - $6.00

o P300 PROVIDES OBJECTIVE ASSESSMENT OF COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT FROM CHEMICALS: A study of solvent-exposed individuals with chronic toxic encephalopathy confirms the use of QEEG P300 testing to detect biological brain impairment.
#64 PROFILE: 0024-DUEH-98-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0024-MORR-96-004 $2.00

o AIR FRESHENER EMISSIONS CAUSE TOXIC HEALTH EFFECTS: This study shows respiratory and neurological effects of room air fresheners using the ASTM-E-981 rodent assay, a standardized test used to extrapolate results to humans.
#65 PROFILE: 0205-DUEH-98-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0205-ANDE-97-009 $3.25

o MCS, NEUROTOXICITY, AND RESPIRATORY TOXICITY FROM ORGANOPHOSPHATE PESTICIDES: This study reports the findings in 36 poisoning incidents, 14 of which resulted in MCS. Has an extensive overview of organophosphate health effects, and discussion of factors which result in chronic poisoning from indoor use of pesticides.
#66 PROFILE: 0258-DUEH-98-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0258-SHER-95-007 - $2.75

o GASOLINE FUME EXPOSURE CAUSES MCS IN LABORERS: This study showing MCS development in male tunnel workers exposed to gasoline fumes dispels numerous stereotypes about MCS.
#67 PROFILE: 0112-DUEH-98-002b - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0112-DAVI-98-007 - $2.75

o CONTROLLED PERFUME STUDY REVEALS ADVERSE IRRITANT, RESPIRA-TORY, AND NEUROLOGIC EFFECTS: This study shows biological toxic effects of over-the-counter perfume products using the ASTM-E-981 rodent assay, a standardized test used to extrapolate results to humans.
#68 PROFILE: 0216-DUEH-98-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0216-ANDE-97-009 $3.25

o CARPET TOXICITY ASSOCIATED WITH MCS AND CHRONIC ILLNESS IN HUMANS: Study objectively confirms toxicity of carpet with animal testing corresponding to the symptoms in the human carpet owners.
#69 PROFILE: 0228-DUEH-99-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0228-ANDE-97-009 - $3.25

o CARDIAC AND RESPIRATORY DISEASE RISK FOUND IN EPIDEMIOLOGICAL STUDY OF CHEMICAL ODOR INTOLERANCE: This study finds chemically sensitive individuals have high incidence of cardiac and respiratory disease risk as compared to controls, indicating probable heritable risk factors may be involved in chemical intolerance.
#70 PROFILE: 0066-DUEH-99-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0066-BALD-98-007 $2.75

o EMF-LINKED NEUROVEGETATIVE, IMMUNOLOGIC, AND HEMATOLOGIC DISORDERS CONFIRMED IN HUMANS: Case control study with challenge re-exposures and animal confirmation testing provides evidence for EMF disorders.
#71 PROFILE: 0120-DUEH-99-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0120-BONH-98-006 - $2.50

o CHEMICALLY INDUCED REACTIVE INTESTINAL DYSFUNCTION SYNDROME (RIDS): Case reports describe chemically induced RIDS in chemically sensitive patients.
#72 PROFILE: 0121-DUEH-99-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0121-LIEB-98-004 - $2.00

o MCS AND ITS RELATION TO CHEMICAL-INDUCED PORPHYRINOPATHY: PART ONE: Conference presentation by Dr. Morton describes over 100 cases of patients with MCS and chemically induced porphyrinopathy. Special charts are included to aid physicians in testing and diagnosis of lab abnormalities.
#73 PROFILE: 0112-DUEH-99-004 - $2.00 ARTICLE: 0112-MORT-98-014 - $4.50

o MCS AND ITS RELATION TO CHEMICAL-INDUCED PORPHYRINOPATHY: PART TWO: In this second conference presentation, Dr. Morton further explains and addresses the issues and controversy of chemically induced porphyrinopathy in relation to MCS.
#74 PROFILE: 0112-DUEH-99-004a - $2.00 ARTICLE: 0112-MORT-98-008 - $3.00

o MCS PATIENTS SHOW OBJECTIVE IMMUNE AND NEUROPSYCHIATRIC ABNORMALITIES IN A CHALLENGE EXPOSURE TEST: Objective testing confirms biological symptoms from low level exposure challenge test. Control subjects compared for one phase of the study.
#75 PROFILE: 0112-DUEH-99-002 - $1.50 ARTICLE: 0112-LITT-99-009 - $3.25

o CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY AND CROSS SENSITIZATION TIME-DEPENDENT SENSITIZATION RESEARCH: This TDS animal research study lends strength to the brain limbic hypersensitization theory of MCS, and the profile ties the two together further and discusses possible neurochemical tie-ins with porphyrinopathy as revealed in additional research.
#76 PROFILE: 0112-DUEH-99-004b - $2.00 ARTICLE: 0112-SORG-98-010 - $3.50

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