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Medical & Legal Briefs

Medical & Legal Briefs are available for $6 each in the U.S., $7 each for orders from CANADA/MEXICO, and $8 each for orders from all other countries. Prices include shipping. (M&LB is no longer published.)

The following is a listing of the contents for each back issue:

a Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 4, No. 5 (March/April 1999)
Lead Story: Deadly Brain Tumors on the Rise: Chemical Causation and a Promising New Bacterial Treatment
Summary Articles:
* Gastrointestinal MCS Symptoms Explained by RIDS
* Adverse Reactions of Pharmaceutical Additives
* Aspartame-Triggered Headaches
* CNS Problem Behavior from Toxic Maternal Smoking
* Cellular Phone EMFs Raise Blood Pressure
* 15 Million Children at Risk from ETS
* Objective Injury and Record $6.6 Million MCS Settlement
* WC Awarded for MCS Cardiac Sensitivity
* China Awards Damages for Diazinon Personal Injury
* City of Santa Clara ADA Accommodations for MCS/EI
* Lawsuit Targets Illegal Pesticide Safety Claims
* Los Angeles Sued for Clean Water Act Violations
* Government Agencies Warn of Formaldehyde Hazards

a Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 4, No. 4 (January/February 1999)
Lead Story: Admissibility of Clinical Testimony and the Daubert Factors: A Federal Court Review of RADS and Other chemical Injury Cases
Summary Articles:
* Neuropsychiatric and immune changes in MCS Challenge Test
* Sick building Symptoms Associated with Dampness
* SPECT Detects Early CNS Chemical Injury
* Variable EMFs alter Nocturnal Heart Function
* Genotoxicity from OP Pesticides in the Home
* Carpet Toxicity Associated with MCS
* Bedrest Atrophy May be Reduced by Vitamin E
* Cognitive Testimony Allowed for Dursban Plaintiff
* Coverage Barred for Sick Courthouse Building
* Hospital Seeks to Intervene in Tobacco Settlement
* Silicone Award Upheld Against Dow Chemical
* Criminal Contempt Action Ordered Against DuPont

a Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 4, No. 3 (Nov/December 1998)
Lead Story: Perfume Toxicity, Sensitivity, Accommodation and Disability - Part Two: Courtesy and Legal Action
Summary Articles:
* Chemical Odor Intolerance and Cardiopulmonary Risk
* EMF-Linked Disorders Confirmed in Humans
* Copper Plumbing and Gastrointestinal Upset
* Chemicals leach from Intact Silicone Implants
* Toxic Brain Injury Correlated by PET
* IAQ and Exposure in stationary Vehicles
* Cholinesterase Not a Reliable Indicator of OP Pesticide Poisoning
* Rushed $206 Billion Tobacco Sweetheart Deal Challenged
* CA Declares Diesel exhaust a Carcinogenic Pollutant
* SBS Class Action Settled During Trial
* Chemical Leak Leads to #3.8 Million Punitive Damages
* Voluntary Testing Agreement with Manufacturers Announced
* Biomaterials Law Protects Chemical Suppliers
* Hercules, Uniroyal Liable for $102 Million for Dioxin Site

a Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 4, No. 2 (Sept/October 1998)
Lead Story: Perfume Toxicity, Sensitivity, Accommodation and Disability - Part Two: The Regulatory Void and Fragrance Use for Public Behavior Control
Summary Articles:
* Environmental Pesticides Show Synergistic Estrogenic Effects
* EEG confirms Food-Induced Abnormalities in ADUD children
* Polyurethane Implants Cause Increased Cancer Risk
* Radiofrequency Sickness from Modulated Microwaves
* Vitamin C Protects Against Porphyric Effects of Cadmium
* CDC GWS conference Will Address MCS research
* San Francisco Groundwork for Accommodating MCS
* Ruling against FDA Regulation of Tobacco Challenged
* $3.2 Million Award for Coal Tar Cancer
* Tobacco Industry Wins ETS Wrongful Death Suit
* GAO Testifies Against Flawed Government GWS Research
* Herbal Medicine Sellers Subject to Liability

a Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 4, No. 1 (July/August 1998)
Lead Story: Perfume Toxicity, Sensitivity, Accommodation and Disability - Part One: Evidence of Health Hazards
Summary Articles:
* "Golf Ball Liver" Caused by Herbicides
* Organochlorines Linked with CFS and Chemical Sensitivities
* Abnormal Cerebrospinal Fluid in Toxic Encephalopathy
* ETS May Cause Irreversible Atherosclerosis
* WA Governor Proclaims MCS Awareness Week
* Dow Settles Silicone Claims for $3.2 Billion
* Manteca Hospital Develops MCS Accommodation Policy
* Lockheed agrees to $60 Million in Cleanup Costs
* Express Warranty Pesticide Claims not Pre-empted
* Shell Oil Co. Asserts Benzene Causes Cytogenetic Damage

a Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 3, No. 6 (May/June 1998)
Lead Story: Overexposure from Legal Pesticiding: a Generation at Risk
Summary Articles:
* Outbreak of CFS from SBS Incident in School
* ELF EMFs Alter Membrane Structure of Human Lymphocytes
* Objective Upper Airway Abnormalities in MCS
* Sperm Density Decline Confirmed
* Evident of Neurobiological Processes in Odor Intolerance
* Workers Comp Awarded for MCS from Pharmaceutical
* Novel Neurologic Testimony Allowed in Silicone Case
* U. of MN Disability Services MCS Accommodation Guidelines
* Mixed EPA Recommendations for Development Toxicity Tests
* Quaker Oats, MIT Settle Suit for Radioactive Cereal Study
* Latex Allergy Plaintiff awarded $1 Million
* Damaging Tobacco Documents Released Over Internet
* Connecticut Gov-r Establishes MCS Awareness Week

a Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 3, No. 5 (March/April 1998)
Lead Story: Pesticide Testing and Formulation Claims Not Preempted: Dow Accused of Suppressing Dursban Research
Summary Articles:
* Toxic Effects Observed for Air Freshener Emissions
* Respiratory Problems from Newly Painted Indoor Surfaces
* Blood Flow Correlates with Toxic Encephalopathy Symptoms
* Working Toward a Research Definition Consensus for MCS
* Diagnostic Markers of MCS Based on Objective Evidence
* MRI and Other Clinical findings in Silicone Patients
* Electric Blankets Associated with Pregnancy Loss
* Cosmetic Products with Mineral Oil Trigger Asthma
* Pesticide Hazard Notification Not Preempted
* Asbestos Firms Sue Tobacco Companies
* Lockheed Workers Awarded $20 Million for Neurologic Damage
* DuPont assessed $23.8 Million for Defective Pesticide
* Clinical Science v. Hard Science Admissibility Reheard
* Washington state Recommends MCS & CFIDS Accommodations
* Carbon Monoxide Accident Coverage Not Barred

a Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 3, No. 4 (January/February 1998)
Lead Story: Allowing Clinicians to Testify Without "Hard" Science: A Case of RADS
Summary Articles:
* Study Finds Litigious Patients Don't Misrepresent Symptoms More than Nonlitigants
* Town Health Problems and Chemical Sensitivity from Refinery
* P300 in Objective Assessment of Toxic Encephalopathy
* EMFs Inhibit Cholinesterases and Impair Brain Function
* Antioxidant Properties of Honey Examined
* Neuroimmunologic Findings for Chronic Fatigue and Silicone
* Carpet Vacuuming Stirs Asbestos Fibers
* Fetal Tobacco Smoke Exposure Causes Behavioral Problems
* Idaho Supreme Court Allows Herbicide Express Warranty Claim
* Social Security Recognizes MCS as a Medical Impairment
* Exact Chemical Identification Not Necessary for Causation
* Label Concerns Not Pre-empted in Product Design Defect Suits
* Casino Workers Sue for Damages from ETS
* In Utero Chemical Injury Not Barred by Workers - Comp

a Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 3, No. 3 (Nov/December 1997)
Lead Story: U.S. Federal Court Recognizes Severity of MCS Diagnosis in SSD Case
Summary Articles:
* Testing Confirms Neurologic Injury from Hazardous Waste
* Vitamin C Counters Spermicidal Genotoxic Pesticide Effects
* Lupus Linked to Industrial Pollution
* Animals Models for MCS Cholinergic Supersensitivity
* Autoantibodies Associated with Fibromyalgia & Silicone Implants
* Plasticizers and Diesel Particulates Impair Sperm Motility
* Dental Sealants Pose Estrogenic Risk
* MCS, CFS, and Fibromyalgia Overlap Chemical Sensitivities
* GAO Questions Integrity of SSA-s Disability Rejections
* ETS Settlement Shifts Burden of Proof to Industry
* Claims Leveled Against Diet Pill Manufacturers
* Upjohn Penalized for Suppressing Corticosteroid Hazards
* Gulf Vets- Wives and Children Not Allowed to Sue
* Healthcare Providers Face Strict Liability for Implants

a Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 3, No. 2 (Sept/October 1997)
Lead Story: Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Insurance Coverage Includes Sick Building Syndrome
Summary Articles:
* "Alternative Nobel Prize" Awarded for MCS Activism
* Vitamin C Improves Immune Function in Chemically Injured
* Solvent-Exposed Individuals v. Controls: SPECT Abnormalities
* Clinician Reports Multiple Abnormalities in MCS and CFS
* Electrostatic Fields Transfer Bacteria
* Follow-up Confirms Synergistic Effects of Gulf War Chemicals
* A Case of Anaphylactic Multiple Chemical Sensitivities
* Synergy Findings Withdrawn Re: Environmental Estrogens
* Objective Test Correlates with Silicone Implant Symptoms
* Workers- Comp Awarded to MCS Claimant Injured by Carpet
* Louisiana Silicone Plaintiffs Win Round One
* ADA Suit to Protect Against Malathion Spraying "Moot"
* SBS Claimant Awarded Disability for MCS
* States Settle Tobacco Suits, Industry Concessions Gained
* Agency Initiatives Address Testing and Includes Children
* Award Against Tobacco Industry Upheld for the First Time

a Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 3, No. 1 (July/August 1997)
Lead Story: MCS Plaintiff Wins $400,000 Verdict in Workplace Handicap Discrimination Suit
Summary Articles:
* Canada Opens MCS Clinics
* SPECT and QEEG Confirm Toxic Encephalopathy
* Pesticides from Clothing Implicated in Gulf Illness
* Formaldehyde Causes Symptoms and Antibodies in Schoolchildren
* Silicone Linked to Autoimmune and Thyroid Problems
* EMFs Enhance Free Radicals Countered by Antioxidants
* Double-Blind Study Confirms MCS Cerebral Symptoms
* Mercury Amalgam Linked with Brain Cell Changes and Antibiotic Resistance
* Kitchen Faucets Contribute to Indoor Air Pollution
* QEEG & SPECT More Accurate in Detecting Brain Abnormalities
* Flight Attendants- ETS Class Action Underway
* Broad Restrictions in Tobacco Settlement
* Establishing Medical Monitoring Funds in Toxic Exposure Cases
* Negligence & Nuisance Claims Allowed in Stray Voltage Case
* Senators Demand Tobacco CEOs Admit Lies
* Native Americans Subjected to Radiation Experiments

a Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 2, No. 6 (May/June 1997)
Lead Story: The Global Problem of MCS Part One: Overview of Biologic Research
Summary Articles:
* Gulf Vets- Injuries Echo MCS
* Stress Increases Chemical Toxicity
* Antioxidants Protect Against DNA Damage from Chemicals
* Respiratory Inflammation Found in MCS, RUDS & RADS
* Lead May Cause Autism and Hyperactivity
* Double-Blind Electromyographic Testing Confirms MCS
* Chemical Sensitivity Plaintiff Seeks Supreme Court Review
* Class Action Filed for Contaminated School Food
* MCS Treatment Ruled Medically Necessary
* EPA Dursban Review Finds MCS - Dow Revises Marketing

a Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 2, No. 5 (March/April 1997)
Lead Story: The Global Problem of MCS Part One: Overview of Investigative Reports- Findings
Summary Articles:
* QEEG Tests Confirm CNS Impairment in Silicone Patients
* Double-Blind Study Confirmed MCS in 1963
* Antioxidant Defenses Against Damage
* Variable EMFs Suppress Melatonin
* SPECT Confirms Abnormalities in Pesticide Poisonings
* Chemical Sensitivity as an Emerging Disease Mechanism
* ETS & Public Accommodations Under ADA
* Restaurants Subject to ADA for Smoke-Sensitive Patrons
* SSD Cases Must Consider Environmental Sensitivities
* Punitive Damages Upheld for Benzene Exposure
* Punitive Awards Taxable
* Cellular Phone Suits Pre-empted by FDA
* Workers Injured in Medfly Program Sue for Fraud
* Water Faucets with Lead Subject to Prop 65

a Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 2, No. 4 (January/February 1997)
Lead Story: Plaintiff Awarded $4.2 Million Against DuPont in Toxic Carpet Suit
Summary Articles:
* Review Summarizes Evidence for Silicone Implant Problem
* Brain Scans Confirm Pesticide Poisoning
* Neural Impairment in Solvent-Exposed Microelectronics Workers
* Carbon Monoxide Poisoning at a Bingo Hall & Ice Rink
* Objective Sleep Abnormalities Found Even with Mild Chemical Sensitivities
* Cellular Phones Linked with Adverse EMF Exposures
* Antioxidants and Supplements Work Together to Fight Disease
* EPA Must Reveal Secret Ingredients
* $1.1 Million Awarded in Silicone Implant Case
* EPA Says FIFRA Should Not Pre-empt State Suits
* Second Class Action Filed Against Lockheed
* U.S. EEOC Determines Bell Failed to Accommodate MCS
* National Cancer Institute Statements Counteract Junk Science
* Tort Claims Allowed for Workplace Fetal Injury
* New York City Files Suit Against Tobacco Industry

a Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 2, No. 3 (Nov/December 1996)
Lead Story: Legal Actions and Voluntary Accommodations of Chemical Sensitivity in Schools
Summary Articles:
* Antioxidants Can Protect Against Asbestos Genotoxic Damage
* Chemical Synergy Hazards Affect Both Veterans and Civilians
* Increased Cancer Risk From Polyurethane-Coated Silicone Implants
* College Adopts Scent-Free Policy to Accommodate MCS
* Pet Dogs Confirm EMF Lymphoma
* Survey Finds Chemical Sensitivities as Prevalent as Allergies
* Solvents Associated with Increased Alzheimer-s
* Air Pollution Associated with Higher Accumulation of Heavy Metals in Women
* MCS Plaintiff Granted Jury Trial Against Employer
* Private Lockheed Settlement Prompts Class Action
* Dental Mercury Warning Requirements Not Prohibited by Federal Law
* EPA Fines Companies for Violations of Chemical Reporting Requirements
* State Claims Move Forward Against Tobacco Industry
* Award for Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Contamination Affirmed
* Court Allows Citizens- Watchdog Suits for Reporting Violations
* Motorist & Officers Compensated for Chemical Injuries
Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 2, No. 2 (September/October 1996)
Lead Story: Chemically Sensitive Patient Wins Insurance Coverage for "Experimental" Treatment
Summary Articles:
* VOCs, Formaldehyde, and Carpet Linked with Respiratory Sensitivities
* Protective Effects of Green Tea Against Liver Toxicity and Cancer
* Journals Refuse to Publish Tobacco-Industry Funded Research
* Pesticides Cause MCS & Other Chronic Problems
* Silicone and Norplant Cause Immune and Endocrine Effects
* Chronic Fatigue Linked to Chemical Exposure
* Perfumed Hair Sprays Cause Bronchoconstriction in Healthy People
* Electromagnetic Interference Is a Growing Problem for Healthcare Devices
* Computerized Cognitive Testing Picks Up Subtle Impairment from Mercury
* Neighbors- Rights Affirmed in Chemical Trespass Suit
* $218 Million Award Granted for PCB Contamination
* Smoker Wins Case Against Tobacco Industry
* Supreme Court Ruling Leads to FIFRA Preemption Challenge
* Federal Appeals Court Upholds Global Asbestos Settlement

a Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 2, No. 1 (July/August 1996)
Lead Story: The Healthy Hospital: Pesticide Risks and Alternatives
Summary Articles:
* Review Finds Psychogenic MCS Studies Seriously Flawed
* Over 700 Chemicals May Cause Headaches
* Pesticide Synergy: 1 + 1 = 1600
* Low Antioxidants Increase Semen-s Susceptibility to Trinitrotoluene
* PCBs & Dioxins Have Synergistic Porphyrinogenic Effects
* Silicone Found in Sites of Connective-Tissue Disease
* Gas Cooking Causes Respiratory Symptoms
* Reducing EMFs in Residential Water Main Grounding Systems
* National Council on Disability Recognizes MCS Under ADA
* Louisiana Courts the Chemical Industry
* British Columbia Allows Silicone Implant Class Action
* DuPont Loses First Benlate Birth Defect Jury Trial
* Nationwide Tobacco Class Action Suit Decertified
* Dow Chemical Loses Herbicide Case
* Asbestos Award Upheld

a Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 1, Issue 6 (May/June 1996)
Lead Story: The Healthy Hospital: Chemical Exposure & Accommodation
Summary Articles:
* Antioxidants Protect Against PCP Damage
* Carpet Toxicity Confirmed
* Video Display Unit Filters Reduce Skin Symptoms
* Perfume Strips Provoke Respiratory Symptoms
* Dursban Highlights OP Pesticide Birth Defects
* Mercury Amalgam Exposure v. Workplace Exposure
* Pesticide Report Addresses Immunotoxicity
* Olestra: Yet Another Grand-Scale FDA Experiment
* EPA Assesses School Floor-Buffing Hazards
* Doctor Wins Workers- Comp for MCS
* Federal Agencies Recognize MCS Under ADA
* Agent Orange Manufacturers Remain Liable
* Tribal Authority Upheld for Clean Water Standards
* Child Compensated for In Utero Vaccine Exposure
* Hospital ETS Leads to Workers- Comp Award
* Appeals Court Allows Transfer of Silicone Cases
* Tobacco Settlement Stirs Up State Actions
* Insurance Companies Lose First Round with Dow
* $204 Million Verdict Held Against Natural Gas Producer

a Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 1, No. 5 (March/April 1996)
Lead Story: MCS Plaintiff Awarded $1 Million in Pesticide Case
Summary Articles:
* Vitamin C is an "Outstanding Antioxidant"
* Silicone Implants Associated with Elevated Autoantibodies
* Canadian Workshop Addresses IAQ Problems
* Air Pollution Increases Children-s Respiratory Conditions
* EPA Memo Reviews Dursban Cases
* MCS Porphyrinopathy Teleconference Held
* Volunteers Sought for MCS Research
* Plumbing Remedies for Ground-Current Cancer Risks
* Physician Takes Exception to MCS Psych Paper
* Study Confirms rBGH Milk Hazards
* Mercury Vapor Reduction in the Dental Office
* Attached Garages Pose Residential IAQ Problems
* Aging Increases Toxic Risks for Solvent Exposure
* EPA Finds Ventilation Problems in Schools
* HVAC Systems May Cause Indoor Air Pollution
* Landowners Reach $5 Million Settlement for Property Devaluation
* Definitive Lab Test Not Required for Disability
* DuPont Sanctioned $115 Million for Withholding Data
* Maquiladoras Settle Birth Defect Suit
* Cigarette Filter Causes Cancer
* Prenatal Injury Claim Not Barred by Workers- Comp
* Info Available on New Silicone Settlement Offer
* EPA Charges Dow for Negligent Reporting
* DuPont Pays Reporters to Participate in Pesticide PR
* Award Upheld for Toxic Encephalopathy from Benzene

a Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 1, No. 4 (January/February 1996)
Lead Story: Deliberate Intent and Tort of Outrage: Disabled Boeing Workers Win Right to Sue
Summary Articles:
* MCS Study Indicates Neurotoxic Trigger
* Ibuprofen May Promote Deadly Bacteria
* Day-Care Center Dioxins Suppress Immunity
* Tetrachloroethylene: Hidden Warnings for Customers
* Airway Resistance in MCS Patients
* Epstein-Barr Virus Activation Associated with Chemicals
* Low-Level Mercury Exposure Raises Porphyrins & Affects Behavior
* RDAs for Antioxidants: Disease Prevention v. Health Promotion
* Silicone Residuals Cause Chronic Symptoms
* Alzheimer-s Linked with EMF Exposures
* Incinerator Efficacy Shows Wide Variability
* Carpet & Furnishings Reduce Air Clearance Rate of VOCs
* Student Wins Negligence Case Against School
* Workers- Comp Awarded for Carpet Sensitivity
* Private Testing Leads to Stray Voltage Award
* Dow Acknowledges Recognition of MCS
* Medical Evidence Need Not Be Conclusive
* Judge Rules Nicotine Documents in Public Domain
* Dow Chemical Assessed for Fraud in Silicone Ruling
* Silicone Implant Settlement Offer Revised
* CA Dept. of Justice Recognizes MCS
* Asbestos Settlement Challenged
* Fine Leads to Toxics Use Reduction
* Prison Sentence for Illegal PCB Disposal Upheld

a Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 1, No. 3 (Nov/December 1995)
Lead Story: Duty to Disclose Off-Site Chemical Hazards
Summary Articles:
* CMHC Builds Safer Housing
* Altered Neurotransmitters May Contribute to CF and MCS
* SBS Gender Bias Imperils Women-s Health
* Increased Respiratory Illness in School Children is Associated with Formaldehyde
* The Critical Balance of Antioxidants
* Toluene: Solvent for Perfumes, Explosives, and Pesticides
* SPECT Scan Correlates with Toxic Exposure Symptoms
* Former Pesticide Workers Still Show Abnormal Porphyrins
* Review of Amalgam Evidences Biological Risk
* Elevated Antibodies Associated with Silicone Implants
* Childhood Leukemia Related to EMF Combinations
* Workers- Comp MCS Medical Treatment Benefits Awarded
* Silicone Implants: The Case Must Go On
* HUD Recognizes MCS as Disability
* Multimillion $ Settlement Negotiated in Canada
* Stray Voltage Award Upheld
* Citizens Win DEET Turnabout Case
* Lockheed Workers Win Decision Based on Inadequate Warning
* $180 Million Settlement Reached for Toxic Accident Near San Francisco
* TLPJ Addresses Pesticide Drift and Poisoning of Farm Workers
* Family Accepts E. Coli Settlement
* $4.1 Million Awarded for Trichloroethane Contamination
* Pesticide Manufacturers Agree to Pay Cleanup Costs in Fresno
* Disposal in Dumpsters Places Housing Complex at Risk
* Oil Companies Can't Hide Behind "Independent" Service Stations

a Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 1, No. 2 (Sept/October 1995)
Lead Story: EMFs Increase Chemical Uptake In the Brain
Summary Articles:
* SPECT Scan Shows Impairment
* Xylenes: Solvents for Drugs, Dyes, Pesticides
* SBS May Precipitate Chronic Fatigue
* Cellular Phones Disrupt Pacemakers
* Silicone Workshop Finds Humans at Risk
* EMF Survey
* Carpet Dust and Kids- Hands Retain Pesticides
* Chemicals & Antioxidants Affect Raynaud-s Phenomenon
* Norplant May Cause Depression & Panic Disorder
* Sulfonamide Drugs Can Cause Autoimmunity
* General Electric Accused of Willful Concealment of Hazards
* $20 Million IAQ Suit Filed
* Workers Comp Benefits Upheld for MCS in Hawaii
* HUD Recognizes Formaldehyde Sensitivity
* Implant Cases Move Forward Against Dow
* Radiation Exposure Leads to Wrongful Death Suit
* Vaccine Suits Must Prove No Previous Symptoms
* Eureka! Lab Fakes Data
* Neighbors May Be Liable for Chemical Contamination
* Dioxin Suits Allowed for "Fear of Cancer"
* Court Limits Attys- Fees for Dalkon Trust Distributions
* Shell Oil Settles Suit for $2.2 Million
* Farmer Wins Benlate Suit

a Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 1, No. 1 (July/August 1995)
Lead Story: Falling Sperm Counts and Chemicals
Summary Articles:
* Sperm Density in Organic Farmers
* Altered Brainwaves in MCS Patients
* Utility Workers and Brain Cancer
* Animal Model for MCS
* Fatigue Syndromes May Be Related to Enzyme Abnormalities
* Internal EPA Memo Warns Against Dursban Use
* Altered Chemosensory Potentials in Epilepsy
* Pesticide Levels Higher Indoors
* Food Additives & Chemicals Affect Children-s Behavior
* Facts on Trichloroethylene
* Dow Corning Files Chapter 11
* Airline-Pesticiding Suit Seeks Members for Class Action
* Electric Worker's Family Files Wrongful Death Suit
* Judge Upholds Workers Comp Benefits for MCS
* Fair Housing Act Settlement Accommodates MCS
* Social Security Recognizes MCS
* Free Cereal from General Mills
* Strict Liability for Clinicians Who Sell Products
* Boeing and DOD Agree to Multi-Million Cleanup Bill
* U.S. Army and Shell Oil Co. to Pay for Cleanup
* State Sues Tobacco Industry