Run by the chemically injured for the benefit of the chemically injured and focuses primarily on education, credible research into MCS and the empowerment of the chemically injured.

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How to contact CIIN

THE CHEMICAL INJURY INFORMATION NETWORK has resisted publishing an e-mail address because of fear that such easy access would overwhelm its small staff. However, after careful consideration, CIIN has decided to make its e-mail address available under the following restrictions and for the following uses:

Members may:

a) Request and receive a list of other members in your state.

b) Request and receive a list of doctors and/or expert witnesses.

c) Request and receive a list of attorneys.

d) Order studies.

All Parties may:

a) Sign up to become a member of CIIN.

b) Request a list of articles/studies for specific library topics.

Other Considerations:

Submissions sent via e-mail should be sent as text within the e-mail or as unformatted ASCII (text only) attachments.

Please note that at the present time CIIN will not reply to e-mailed questions or situations that require a personalized response.

The CIIN e-mail address is: